Music Trivia


Trivia nights are fun but, music trivia nights are great!

However, music trivia nights with contestants up on stage giving it their best Bon Scott, Angry Anderson, Cher or Elvis, to name a few are EPIC! 

Get your teams together for what will be a super night and if you're up for some great laughs and prizes register for 'No Talent Time' as well. Start you rehersals now! 

* 2 Adult tickets included for all registered WWBFC players from SAP through to 1st Grade 

Register online by completing the form below or contact Jacqui Lewsam by June 15 on 0427 344226 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



If you would like to enter 'No Talent Time' and perform as an individual or get a group together and mime your favourite song from your favourite musicians please complete the details below.


There are great prizes on offer to the winners and of course legendary status.

Once you submit this form an email will be sent containing further details of the evening including details of how you can pay electronically.


C'mon you disco Bears!!!

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