The Bears travelled to South Cardiff to take on the Gunners for round 11 of the NBN State League.


Ulinga Oval may not be the best ground to watch football from but when ever you travel to South Cardiff you can almost always be assured that you will witness a very physical match and this match proved to be no different.

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Milestone for young Bear - JOSH CALLINAN

Tom Snedden, John J Turnbull, Brett Mehrton, Justin Kavanagh and James ‘Skeeta' Wilkinson - these are just some of the names that belong to the prestigious 100 club at the Weston Bears....

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Weston Bears come from behind to steal Broadmeadow's magic

Weston Bears made it back-to-back victories when they came from behind to beat Broadmeadow Magic 2-1 on Saturday......


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Welcome to the new look Bears website....

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