It was late 1906, when the Hetton Coal mining complex, Newcastle, sent a party of workmen to develop the site at Hebburn Colliery near Weston. Among this group were quite a number of Football enthusiats who, persuaded a group to form a Football club. 1909 saw the arrival of former English player Bill Hindmarsh who proved a boon to the club. Colurs were changed to black and white stripes with black shorts.

Hindmarsh known everywhere as 'Geordie Bill' was a colourful character and his name lives on at Weston where as time runs out in a game the cry goes out - "Geordie Bill, the ball!" This cry was made famous when Weston played at the Homestead Ground and Hindmarsh was fullback. Whenever Weston needed a breather Hindmarsh would kick the ball into a nearby creek - a handy time waster.

Weston continued to achieve through the 1920's with continual appearances in cup competitions - Hemmings Cup, Gardiner Cup, Kerr Cup, Stevenson Cup with mixed success. In 1923 Tom Oliver became the clubs first player to represent Australia when he played in a test against a touring Chinese team.

1936 became Weston’s "marvelous season" as the 'Geordies' took out the seasons double against powerful opposition from the Sydney area. During these years Weston was the home of many great players including: Jim (Skeeta) Wilkinson, Jim McNab, Tom (Pincher) Harris & Jim Harden.

1971 brought rich rewards for the club, now known as the 'The Bears'.

The Club topped the points table and then won the Grand Final 5 - 0

Like all champion clubs, time generally brings bad days and the period between 1941 and 1963 saw the great old club touched by relegation and financial problems. In 1957 the club was relegated and there the club languished until 1964

1964 saw the club promoted back to the 1st Division and a new era of triumph was well underway. With a reorganised committee headed by local businessman, Mr Alan Lamb, the whole concept was altered in 1968. Lamb persuaded the club to request player, Ian Thompson to scout overseas for new recruits.

1971 brought rich rewards for the club, now known as the "The Bears". The Club topped the points table and then won the Grand Final 5 - 0.

1977, with Max Luccessi back as coach, an all out effort was staged. Success followed success and much considered opinion rated 1977 as the "greatest season ever" in the history of the club. Weston's winning ways continued through the 80's & 90's and now continue into the new millennium.



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